It is with pleasure that I provide a reference for BLC.
BLC has provided a number of services to our organization over the past 3 years:
• Translations of training materials for two of our projects. They translated documents into 4 languages other than English. They also reformatted these documents so that they were ready for print. This was a huge task as it consisted of 8 individual training manuals, as well as two “flip file”
teaching tools. They delivered great work.
• Recording and transcribing interviews that we did across South Africa with a number of key participants in our programmes (23 persons) as part of a programme review we did.
BLC are a professional group of individuals that deliver on tasks within the timeframes set, and often before the due date. They are reliable and ensure that the quality of the product they produce is what is expected. They have exceeded expectations and thus we use their services whenever they are needed.
The whole team communicates with us. They will clarify issues before moving forward with a project if the directives are not clear and they always ensure that they deliver to the satisfaction of the client.
We have always found BLC to be very good value for money. They often provide the “extra” that we did not expect, but are really grateful for.
Bangula is made up of a dedicated team who obviously enjoy what they are doing. This shows in the quality and type of work they deliver. They are welcoming and ensure that they understand what the instructions are, and will deliver a quality product.
Anthony Diesel – Country Director, South Africa /