The HSRC (Human Sciences Research Council)

BLC has successfully completed a number of proofreading, editing, and
typesetting projects for the HSRC.
In 2015, BLC proofread and typeset the Africa Insight of South Africa Publication (AISA), 44(1-4), comprising about 1000 pages across the four issues. Han Sapire managed the project and worked closely with me during the typesetting process.
In 2016, BLC proofread a publication, Management and Mitigation of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) in South Africa: Input for Mineral Beneficiation in Africa. Han Sapire supervised the proofreading and did some additional editing of the publication, where required.
BLC is currently proofreading a publication, Sizonqoba: Aids in Southern Africa. The proofreading is being supervised by Han Sapire. BLC has also been commissioned to edit the four issues of the 45(1-4) Africa Insight of South Africa Publication (AISA). The editing is being done by Han Sapire, and one the first issue has been completed.
Based on the work received from BLC I would not hesitate to recommend them for proofreading, editing and typesetting services.

Mmakwena Chipu – Acting Director, Publications