We Provide Translations In South African, African And International Language Combinations And Make Use Of Highly Qualified Translators.

Our Expert Translators Have A Wide Range Of Technical Expertise And Can Always Be Relied On For Timeous, Excellent And Accurate Work.

Our Clients Include High Profile Government Departments, Banks, Financial Institutions, Educational Publishers And NGO’s. Please Visit Our Client References Page To View Some Of Their Feedback.

‘We Thrive On Providing Translations That Elicit The Glowing Feedback We Regularly Receive From Our Many High Profile Clients'.

About Our Professional Translators

Better Language Company uses a team of top-quality sworn, legal, financial and general translators. All of them hold post-graduate qualifications and are currently active in their chosen fields.

We work with a large database of translators and pride ourselves with being able to perfectly match up translators with relevant language, technicalities, terminology and subject matter

We’ll match the topic of your project with one or more translators who possess the required expertise. They will also be aware of current language trends related to the subject field, ensuring both accuracy and clarity.

‘A Strict Quality Control Process Is The Foundation Of Our Translation Services.’

Our expert translators work alongside proofreaders and editors to deliver material equal to its original form. Each job goes through an independent quality check process to ensure the quality of our translations. Our translations are always adapted to your cultural and intellectual environment and the correct terminology will be used. Regulatory and legislative nuances are also incorporated to provide legitimacy and contextual relevance. You receive a translated version specifically adapted to your needs.

International Language Combinations.’

 Our translation services include :
  • Internal company documentation
  • Marketing & advertising material
  • Legal documentation
  • Financial material
  • Reports
  • Proposals
  • Literature
  • Educational books and terminology
  • Technical documents
Do You Have Any Additional Requirements? Our Database Includes Subject Matter Experts And Sworn Translators Capable Of Satisfying Your Requirements.

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Translation Of Educational Material

We translate educational material to help schools and other educational institutions arm their students with the best chances of success. Our educational translation service providers have experience with the school curriculum and are qualified to work with a range of primary, secondary and tertiary education subjects.

‘We translate to and from international languages. We also have a specialist team of South African language experts.’

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Proven Expertise

We rely on translators with proven track records who are also qualified in the subject matter of your translation. As part of our strict quality control process, we only accept translators who hold graduate degrees. Our translators are backed by the South African Translators’ Institute (SATI). An in-house team of writers, designers, proofreaders and industry-backed editors collaborate on each project with the aim of creating a final deliverable that makes it easier for students to learn, and teachers to do what they’re good at.

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